FAQ’s…frequently asked questions…there are many. :-)

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  • What services do you provide? We are a full service property management company. We have clients all over the world.  Some are more involved than others, but many just receive a statement and check every month.  We oversee the maintenance, inspections, marketing, qualifying, lease preparation, rent collection, maintenance calls, accounting, and turnover to re-rent.
  • What do we charge? We are THE most simple and TRANSPARENT property management company in St Louis! We do NOT mark-up professional maintenance services.  We do NOT get kickbacks from maintenance companies. We do NOT charge when a tenant renews their lease. We do NOT charge when units are vacant!! Our fees are very simple. There is a management fee, and a lease fee.  We pride ourselves in tailoring custom fee structures to meet each individual client’s needs.  Just let us know what is important to YOU!
  • How long will it take to lease my property? On average, properties that are well kept, updated, and priced right, will lease in 2-3 weeks.  If the property is being shown frequently, but people aren’t applying, it usually means the property is priced too high for what it is.
  • How do you market my property? Your property will be marketed on virtually every major rental property website.  Including but not limited to, Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, Padmapper, etc.  It’s literally dozens of web sites. Higher end rentals are also marketed on the MLS. Signage is placed where allowable.
  • How do you qualify tenants? Our leading edge property management software is integrated with the credit bureaus, which allows us to do nationwide criminal, credit, and background checks.  We also verify identity, employment, check sex registry, and check rental history.
  • Will hiring a professional property management help me financially? We evaluate rents on a regular basis to help maximize income.  We are able to respond quickly to calls for showings, to fill vacancies faster.  We have negotiated favorable rates from professional trades to help reduce expenses.
  • Will you manage my property in __________ location? It depends on the property and the client.  RYBO only wants to represent properties that are updated and well kept.  We manage properties in Clayton, Richmond Heights, CWE, Soulard, Maplewood, Downtown, South City, St Charles, North County, and West County.  Properties that are updated and maintained attract better tenants, and make it a better experience for all parties.
  • How and when do I receive my money? RYBO is up to speed with all modern technology.  On the 15th of each month, you will receive an email statement reflecting ALL transactions, and ALL receipts for any expenses.  Your funds for the month can be transferred to your account electronically, or we can mail a check.
  • Will I know when there is a maintenance problem? If the maintenance issue is minor, or an emergency, we will act in what we believe is YOUR best interest…the best interest of the property…and tenant.  On larger issues, we will alert you to larger expenditures and ask for your input.
  • Who holds the security deposit? You hold the deposit.  We collect the deposit, but send the check to you.  RYBO will not hold deposits, or be responsible for the return of the deposit.  When a tenant moves out, RYBO will suggest a return amount, and provide documentation to the client.
  • Can I sell my property through RYBO also? Yes. RYBO is a licensed Missouri Brokerage firm.  We often list properties for sale OR lease.  When a client decides to stop leasing property, we can run comps, and help sell as well.
  • What if a tenant leaves early? The tenant may terminate a lease early by paying a fee equal to three months prepaid rent.
  • What if a tenant needs to be evicted? RYBO will file a lawsuit on behalf of the client. We have several attorneys we work with, the client will not have to appear in court.  The cost is roughly $400 legal fees.  RYBO does NOT charge for time to go to court.  Evictions are rare if qualified tenants are approved.

If you have further questions, please call us directly at 314-644-7746. 

We would love to speak with you!