St Louis Real Estate

Our Team of St Louis Real Estate Agents and Contractors

Greg Rybacki

Mobile: 314-566-5950
Office/Fax: 314-644-7746

Greg Rybacki is the Owner/Broker. He has over 25 years experience in the real estate business having originally received his Agent license at age 23. Through the years Greg has represented many clients buying and selling homes, investment properties, and/or commercial properties. As an experienced investor himself, Greg can help you analyze a property for its potential return on investment, and help you manage it to ensure that return! Please contact Greg directly should you have real estate related questions about St Louis Real Estate.

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Stacy Taylor

Mobile 573-795-8029
Office/Fax 314-644-7746

Stacy comes to the big city by way of Hannibal, Missouri. While Hannibal is her home, she’s a city gal at heart! She has had her real estate sales license for a number of years now, and decided to come to work for RYBO Properties, LLC starting in the spring of 2016. What a welcome addition Stacy has been! She’s a hard worker, diligent, and will go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy with their buying/selling experience! If you’re looking to sell, to purchase, or to lease, she’s your gal!

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Jeanine Tinker

Mobile 314-363-4663
Office/Fax 314-644-7746

Jeanine is a long time St Louis resident and has had her real estate license for over 30 years. She currently holds a Missouri Broker/Salesperson license. Jeanine has a vast amount of experience in all sectors of the industry. Whether it’s working with investors, discussing ROI and cap rates, or helping someone buy or sell their own home, Jeanine has the experience you need and deserve! When not on the job (hahahaha…like that happens in real estate?), she enjoys hanging out at the lake with her husband. If you’re looking for investment, commercial, or residential, reach out to Jeanine!

Rebecca Tungate

Mobile: 314-951-4988
Office/Fax: 314-644-7746

Rebecca has been with RYBO for years, and done many things to help us.  She recently received her degree from Lindenwood University, and is now putting the degree to work.  In her current life with RYBO, Rebecca will work part time on occasion, and assist us in showing rental homes we manage.


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Sarah Richmond

Mobile: 314-319-2591
Office/Fax: 314-644-7746

Sarah joined the company in January 2017. She’s well versed in property management, leasing, and maintenance. Before joining the RYBO team, Sarah oversaw the renovation and lease up of TWO apartment complexes in the St Louis metro area. Anyone that can wade through the University City permit process for renovating a complex should also receive some sort of award! Anyway…Sarah will also be receiving her Missouri Real Estate License, and looks forward to helping clients BUY and SELL homes and investment properties!



Rade Todorovich

Mobile: 314-882-2666

Rade Todorovich is a licensed Agent with RYBO PROPERTIES, LLC. Rade specializes in investment properties, as he is very successful real estate investor. Many of his clients are foreign investors. His website is

In addition to the above mentioned, RYBO outsources professional services to the following tradesmen who are all licensed and insured:


Powers Handyman services can do most anything you need including carpentry, electric and plumbing.

Field Handyman Services handles many of our day to day maintenance issues.


Votruba Plumbing handles most of our serious plumbing issues (sewer laterals, water heaters, etc).

Tim Lane does most of our day to day plumbing repairs and fixture replacements.  But he will also do new stacks, replace old iron pipe, and other “heavy” stuff.


NIKSIC Air Conditioning and Heating started working with us a few years ago, and has been doing a terrific job. They are super reliable and I would highly recommend their services!


Tope Plumbing…is prompt, polite, and professional, and has helped us out MANY times.

It’s a dirty job and Daniels Drains can get it done. They are available 24/7! Daniel will do all clear outs and will also camera drain lines if needed.


RYBO uses several pest control companies. Midwestern Pest Control, and Pioneer Pest Control.  All are professional and reliable. All have killed bugs and caught critters for us for years now.


For cleaning, hauling, lawn care, and other misc services we use Cortez from Anything Cleaned.

For carpet and other flooring we use Best Buy Flooring. They have great prices and reliability and they stand behind their products. They have their own installers too…very handy.

We also use Key Carpet as a supplier of carpet, laminate, and vinyl flooring.


These guys have cleaned many chimneys for us…including my own…Scott’s Chimney Services.