St Louis Real Estate

Our Team of St Louis Real Estate Agents and Contractors


Greg Rybacki

Mobile: 314-566-5950
Office/Fax: 314-644-7746

Greg Rybacki is the Owner/Broker. He has over 25 years experience in the real estate business having originally received his Agent license at age 23. Through the years Greg has represented many clients buying and selling homes, investment properties, and/or commercial properties. As an experienced investor himself, Greg can help you analyze a property for its potential return on investment, and help you manage it to ensure that return! Please contact Greg directly should you have real estate related questions about St Louis Real Estate.


Kim Cantor

Mobile 314-537-0026
Office/Fax: 314-644-7746

Kim has extensive experience in the marketing/advertising industry in St Louis. She joined RYBO on a part time basis. BUT, she packed full-time production into part time hours! Don’t tell anyone, she is our “secret weapon” :-). Now she is full time and helps with everything from maintenance to admin! She’s a great part of our team!


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Sam Groeteke

Mobile 636-346-9056
Office/Fax 314-644-7746

Sam enjoys the “deal”! He has practical experience in several different segments of the industry (sales, management, leasing, investing). Most recently, he has assisted several investors on a few successful “flips”. So, whether you’re looking for your “dream home”, or you’re an investor, Sam will help you find the right fit!



Office/Fax 314-644-7746

Devin is one of our troubleshooter/handyman guys. He loves fixing things, and figuring stuff out…and is good at it! Devin fits right in at the office, is great with people and pets! We enjoy having Devin on our team!

In addition to the above mentioned, RYBO outsources professional services to the following tradesmen who are all licensed and insured:


Field Handyman Services handles many of our day to day maintenance issues.  Other than that we have several people on staff at RYBO Properties Maintenance, LLC that handle many issues small and large!


Sam Jabr Construction, LLC…seriously…our main guy!


DANICO Inc handles many of our service calls, and also does major lateral work, water heaters, etc.

St Louis Excavation handles a lot of lateral work as well, grade work, etc.


Mechanical Climate Solutions started working with us a few years ago, and have been doing a terrific job. They are super reliable and I would highly recommend their services!

IMPERIUM Heating and Cooling does a majority of our service calls.  They are dependable and reliable!


Tope Plumbing…is prompt, polite, and professional, and has helped us out MANY times.

Gateway Sewer and Drain…does most of our camera work, locating,  and major clear outs!


RYBO uses several pest control companies. St Louis Pest Control, and Pioneer Pest Control.  BOTH are professional and reliable. BOTH have killed bugs and caught critters for us for years now.


For cleaning, hauling, lawn care, and other misc services we use Cortez from Anything Cleaned.

For unit turnover and make ready cleaning we use Erika!

For floor refinishing and some new install our best is River City Flooring.


These guys have cleaned many chimneys for us…including my own…Scott’s Chimney Services.